Two New Village Experiences are Now Open

There has always been something for everyone at USC Village. However, thanks to two new Village residents, this statement is more true than ever before.

We’d like to introduce locals and visitors alike to Saola by Hannah An and Face Haus!

Saola by Hannah An

Hannah An realized it was her time to use her years of experience and American culinary influence to create something that was uniquely her own. Saola by Hannah An is a fast-casual restaurant offering her high-quality Vietnamese homestyle cooking but with a modern twist.

When you’re in the mood for pho (rice noodle soup), delicious rice bowls, banh mi sandwiches, salads, and Hannah An’s unique specialties, stop by the Village for a delicious fusion of old and new tastes. Check out their menus today.

Face Haus

Backed by dermatology legend Dr. Harold Lancer, Face Haus is a forward thinking, open concept facial bar that is revolutionizing skin care. Historically a pricey service reserved for the elite or for special occasions, they offer highest quality and affordable skincare “for the people.”

Face Haus proves that you can get quality skin care services without breaking the bank. Be sure to book an appointment at the USC Village Haus today!

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